Kellogg Garden Products: Amend
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Kellogg AmendKellogg Amend makes plants feel right at home. It’s rich in composted materials, including enriched
plant food and gypsum to soften hard, clay soils. If you’re looking for bigger and brighter plants, and richer more nutritious soil, look for Kellogg Amend. To learn more about Kellogg Amend and our other beneficial gardening products, visit Kellogg Garden Products.

It’s all in the mix
Kellogg Amend is a composted mix of nutrient rich ingredients that will keep your plants happy and healthy. Naturally occurring substances in these ingredients include nitrogen to keep plants lush and green, phosphorus to help plants build strong reliable roots, and potassium to increase their ability to fight off diseases. Your plants will thank you for using beneficial Kellogg Amend.

Helps even the most compacted clay soil loosen up
As a soil conditioner, Kellogg Amend can take even the most compacted, hard clay soil, and transform it into a well draining, happy home for your plants.

Works great as a garden soil too
As a garden soil, Kellogg Amend helps plants really sink their roots into the ground and get a new lease on life. It encourages healthy growth from flowers, vegetables, bedding plants, or ground cover.

Create a healthy, happy home for your plants
To guarantee that the plants in your garden are happy and healthy, use Kellogg Amend. For existing soil, spread a two inch layer of Kellogg Amend over the planting area and mix it into the soil four to six inches deep. Then plant your flowers, vegetables, bedding plants, or ground cover and water thoroughly. Enjoy watching your plants flourish thanks to Kellogg Amend, some sunshine, and a lot of love.